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“Read, Pray, Sing” in Latest Issue of Midwestern Journal of Theology

My essay “Read, Pray, Sing: The Psalms as an Entryway to the Scriptures” has just been published in the latest issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology. This is a print version of a lecture I have given at a conference at Union University and at a conference at Oklahoma Baptist University. I am grateful […]

“Behold the Throne of Grace”

At church this evening we sang a John Newton hymn, which I don’t remember ever singing before- “Behold the Throne of Grace”. I enjoyed it immensely so I looked it up once I got home, and have pasted the full poem in below. This is great example of a poetic exposition of scripture with pastoral application. […]

“More About Jesus”

Last night at church we sang this simple, old hymn, and it struck me that it too is a wonderful prayer for a new year. Indeed, may I in this year know more of Jesus, grow deeper in “communion with my Lord,” taking His word deep into my heart that I might obey Him more […]

Praying & Running

I was at a sports banquet tonight with one of my sons and the cross country coach gave a good challenge to his team. He told them the only way to improve in running was to run and to run often. He said, “There’s no magic trick to improving your running. You just have to […]

Prayer of Thanks for the Life of Howard Marshall

I was richly blessed attending the service of thanksgiving for the life of Howard Marshall last weekend in Aberdeen. The service was rich, profound and moving. I may write more about it in days to come, but here I want to share a portion of the prayer given by Professor Andrew Walls. Walls has for […]

“Thank you, God, for putting in Momma’s mind the idea for this great food.”

  I am currently reading Tim Keller’s new book on prayer and benefiting from discussing it with a group of my faculty colleagues. Also, last week I was blessed to hear a great message on prayer from Steve Gaines in a chapel service. Prayer is an area where I always need growth and these things […]

Prayer, “the soul’s blood”

I have for some time enjoyed the poetry of George Herbert. While reading Tim Keller’s recent book on prayer I came across Herbert’s poem, “Prayer (I),” which Keller deals with in some detail. The poem describes prayer with a series of compelling images which are worth pondering.   Prayer the church’s banquet, angel’s age,          God’s […]

Tim Keller on Praying the Psalms

The Desiring God blog recently posted the transcript of an interview with Tim Keller about his new book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. I have not yet read the book, but the second question in the interview and Keller’s response captured my attention. I am delighted that Keller is highlighting the value of […]

Handy Volume of the Psalms

I am absolutely loving this new edition of the Psalms published by Crossway. After Martin Luther translated the Psalms into German it is said that he carried a little volume of the just the Psalms with him everywhere. It was his constant companion, prayer guide and summary of the entire Bible. Several years ago I […]

A Prayer from Pascal on Contentment

I have been rebuked and helped recently by this prayer from Pascal.   Forgive us Oh Lord, for we do not rest satisfied with the present.  We anticipate the future as too slow in coming, as if in order to hasten its course; or we recall the past, to stop its too rapid flight.  So […]