Prayer of Thanks for the Life of Howard Marshall

I was richly blessed attending the service of thanksgiving for the life of Howard Marshall last weekend in Aberdeen. The service was rich, profound and moving. I may write more about it in days to come, but here I want to share a portion of the prayer given by Professor Andrew Walls. Walls has for some time been a member of Crown Terrace Methodist in Aberdeen, where the service was held and where Howard had been a member for over 60 years (CT once referred to Walls as “the most important person you don’t know”). Prof. Walls thanked God for the gospel, the church, teachers and preachers given to the church, and then specifically, as one of those teachers, Howard Marshall. I include here his words which followed. His description of Howard is fitting and provides an example to emulate.


“a scholar who diligently sought heavenly wisdom and the truth as it is in Jesus

a teacher who cared deeply for those he taught and was ever at their service

a writer whose work has illuminated scripture for many all over the world

a preacher who called us to righteousness and always pointed to Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life

a Christian leader who was content to be the servant of Christ’s people

a dear friend whose warmth and care brought cheer and encouragement and succor time and time again.

As we gratefully remember his life, his work, his example, we thank you that you gave him to us. …

We humbly ask for the continuance of his work and his witness through his writings, through those of us who learned from him and through all of us who were touched by his life and his words and his example.”

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