Value of Greek in Preaching, Pastor Nathan Joyce

Nathan Joyce, Union alum and pastor of Heartland Worship Center in Paducah, Kentucky, recently recorded this brief video on the value of Greek for preaching and pastoral ministry for my first year Greek class. In just about 90 seconds he makes the point so well, so I wanted to share it here as well.

He makes the important point that knowing Greek isn’t simply about examining specific words but getting deeper into the flow of the text. I also appreciate the pastoral heart evident in his comments. Greek isn’t about impressing or building the pastor up. It is all about being able to communicate more faithfully to the people you have been called to shepherd, as Nathan puts it, “the people I love so dearly.” ┬áIf Greek is just another academic tool, it won’t mean a whole lot. But, as a useful tool in the hand of a faithful shepherd, enabling to more faithfully and carefully tend, feed, care for and defend his flock- in that case this is a powerful thing indeed.

Thank you, Nathan, for your example.

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