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Reformation Day 2007

It is Reformation Day once again! There is much to celebrate and remember on this day commemorating the recovery of the gospel. This year I want to highlight two related points that I don’t think are thought of enough in connection with the Reformation. They are: suffering and missions. The Reformation had a missionary impulse […]

Aging and Maturity

Yesterday I commented on an article by Carl Trueman which criticized infatuation with youth and appearance. Just this morning I read Dorothy Sayers essay “Strong Meat” in her book Creed or Chaos and it addressed this very issue. The entire piece- indeed the whole book- is valuable reading, but here are just a few samples […]

Trueman on Pandering to Youthfulness

Carl Trueman has written a good piece on how too often churches and pastors pander to the culture in an immature effort to be Cool - or “hip.” He starts with a humorous discussion of baldness. I encourage you to check it out. Trueman is really on to something. We need to get over ourselves […]

Pondering the Omnipotence of God

I am looking over my notes for Sunday School in the morning. We are covering the doctrine of God and are currently discussing some of his attributes. Last week we discussed God’s omnipresence and omniscience, so in the morning I am to cover omnipotence. What an exhilarating, awe-inspiring topic! I was just reading Dagg’s section […]

Student response, Pastors

I have a quote from a student response to an assignment in my survey class today. I have not addressed issues surrounding pastoral ministry in this class so far. However, the students in reading Mark Strom’s Symphony of Scripture were asked to respond to this question from Strom: Peter described leaders as shepherd in 1 […]

Evangelizing our Children

The Baptist & Reflector, the TN Baptist paper, last week ran a brief article I wrote on presenting the gospel to our children. The article grew out of an earlier post here on John Brown’s book of questions and answers on the Westminster catechism. The article does not say anything all that earth shattering. I […]

Rejoice, the Lord is King!

I mentioned in a previous post having preached last week in our chapel on Psalm 97. Charles Wesley’s hymn, “Rejoice, the Lord is King” is a wonderful exposition of the truth of this psalm. The ground of all our joy is the fact that “Jesus, the savior reigns”. This hymn is rich for meditation as […]

With Wolfe in Canada

With Wolfe in Canada, Or the Winning of a Continent, G. A. Henty (Blackie and Son, 1886; Preston/Speed Publications, 1999) Hb., 353 pp. Ages 11+ I am a Henty fan having enjoyed a number of his books (I have commented on our experience of reading one previously). However, this one was disappointing on several levels. […]

Two New Books from B&H Academic

It is really encouraging to see the high quality of books now being published by B&H. Two recent books I have been looking at are Passionate Conviction: Contemporary Discourses on Christian Apologetics and Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective: An Introductory Christology.Passionate Conviction, edited by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig, is a collection of addresses from […]

Groothuis on Techno Temptation

Doug Groothuis has posted at his blog a column he wrote for the Denver Seminary Magazine. It is well worth the read. He addresses the problem of plagiarizing sermons and the problem of relying on the ease of technology to look up verses rather than really learning the Bible for ourselves. The first issue has […]