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I am really enjoying reading Boyhood and Beyond: Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man, by Bob Schultz, to my boys each morning as we begin school. This is an excellent book with good advice for boys about manhood presented in a down-to-earth engaging way. This morning we read the chapter titled, “Temptation.” Here’s a quote: […]

Mountain Born

Mountain Born, Elizabeth Yates (Troll Books, 1943), pb., 118 pp. Ages 5+ This book won a Newbery Honor Award in 1944, and it is well deserving of such an honor. I had known nothing about the book, but was looking for a brief simple read for us and found it on our shelves. It is […]

Work, Worldview and Maturity

I am quite behind in items I intend to write about here, but the rush of finals and a cracked screen on my laptop are conspiring against me. 🙂 I am almost half way through listening to the audio version of How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life , by Peter Robinson, and it is surprisingly […]

"Month of Man"

This past Monday night I spoke to a group of guys here at Union on the topic of manhood. Some students had organized “The Month of Man” (“official” website) for some humorous celebration of manhood and also to call on themselves and others seriously to pursue maturity in manhood. I applaud their efforts and was […]

Aging and Maturity

Yesterday I commented on an article by Carl Trueman which criticized infatuation with youth and appearance. Just this morning I read Dorothy Sayers essay “Strong Meat” in her book Creed or Chaos and it addressed this very issue. The entire piece- indeed the whole book- is valuable reading, but here are just a few samples […]

Trueman on Pandering to Youthfulness

Carl Trueman has written a good piece on how too often churches and pastors pander to the culture in an immature effort to be Cool - or “hip.” He starts with a humorous discussion of baldness. I encourage you to check it out. Trueman is really on to something. We need to get over ourselves […]

The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio, C. Collodi Translated by M. A. Murray (Grosset & Dunlap, 1965) Ages 5 and up My wife just finished reading this book with our boys. I had often heard that the book was significantly different from- and superior to- the Disney adaptation. Now the experience of my wife and boys and […]