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Selfishness vs. Courage

I find myself wanting to post a quote from Bob Schultz’s Boyhood and Beyond almost every day as we read through the book (see previous post). There is a wealth of wisdom here, and it stimulates good conversation. Today we read the chapter titled, “Leadership,” where he drew from the story of Ernest Schackleton, a […]


I am really enjoying reading Boyhood and Beyond: Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man, by Bob Schultz, to my boys each morning as we begin school. This is an excellent book with good advice for boys about manhood presented in a down-to-earth engaging way. This morning we read the chapter titled, “Temptation.” Here’s a quote: […]

A Father’s Wish, by Edgar Guest

A Father’s WishBy Edgar Guest (in When Day Is Done) What do I want my boy to be?Oft is the question asked of me,And oft I ask it of myself–What corner, niche or post or shelfIn the great hall of life would ISelect for him to occupy?Statesman or writer, poet, sageOr toiler for a weekly […]

Virile Literature

Old books are fun. You never know what gem you might find in what appears to be the most unlikely candidate. So it is always worthwhile taking a look. For example, I recently found a 1917 volume titled, Public School Methods, vol. 4. The title did not sound very promising, but I discovered that the […]