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Luther, Value of Singing the Psalms

Looking back through the excellent volume, What Luther Says (an excellent resource!), I came across this passage where Luther extols the value of singing the Psalms. I have discussed previously Luther’s love of the Psalms. Here succinctly he mentions the comfort they give, how they “preach the Messiah,” and the added impact of singing them […]

Beza, A Pastor Must Know Each of His People by Name

I have made the point often here that the New Testament portrays pastors knowing their people well, and not just speaking to crowds of unknown people. The command to watch over their souls, knowing God will hold us accountable for this (Heb 13:17), requires this as does a ministry in which we “warn everyone” and […]

Doing Scholarship Like the Church Matters

“Both of us are deeply troubled by the way in which modern scholarship continues to produce studies of the text that do not (and often cannot) connect with Scripture’s target audience, the people of God who gather each week by the power of the Spirit to be sanctified as disciples of Jesus. We refuse to […]

That Might Explain a Few Things

Over the holidays I tried to listen to the audio of The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World, by Edward Dolnick. I appreciate the general topic, but after a few chapters I stopped. The condescending caricature of Christianity presented in the book was too much. To tell […]