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Wise Words

Wise Words: Family Stories that Bring the Proverbs to Life, by Peter Leithart (Canon Press), audio, 4 CD’s Ages 5+ This book is also available in print, but I bought the audio to listen to as we travelled over the holidays. It is excellent and we all enjoyed it greatly. The stories are read well, […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Oxford Press Holiday Sale

Each year I look forward to the annual holiday sale from Oxford University Press. They regularly have exceptional deals on prominent books. This year the sale is even better because they teamed up with Amazon. See the sale homepage here.There are not many things in their bible/theology section that I like. They are good for […]

The Coral Island

The Coral Island, R.M. Ballantyne (London: The Thames Publishing Company ) Various reprints Ages 10+ I first discovered Ballantyne while rummaging through old bookshops in Scotland. I could tell his books were adventure stories for boys, and they appeared to be the sort I was looking for (in the vein of other boys adventures from […]

Work, Worldview and Maturity

I am quite behind in items I intend to write about here, but the rush of finals and a cracked screen on my laptop are conspiring against me. 🙂 I am almost half way through listening to the audio version of How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life , by Peter Robinson, and it is surprisingly […]

Importance of Example

Here is a sad comment from a student. He was discussing his call to ministry and wrote: “when I felt God calling me to ministry I was truly ignorant about how to live the life, because I can’t say that anybody truly set a good example for me growing up.” This is far too common. […]

Douglas Bond Books on Sale

If you have read much on this blog, you will know that we are big fans of Douglas Bond. So, I wanted to pass on the news that there is a Christmas sale going on for his books. These would make great Christmas gifts. By following the label at the bottom of this post you […]

Studying Romans

Each year in the SBC a certain book of the Bible is chosen to be the focus of the “January Bible Study.” Churches are not required to do this, but it does provide a good way to encourage careful study of various books. This year the study focuses on Romans, and this Saturday I will […]

Sermon on Rom 8:18-30

I meant to post this last week but failed to in the midst of other things. Last Sunday Lee Tankersley, one of our pastors currently on sabbatical, was back with us and preached on Romans 8:18-30 in our ongoing series through Romans. Here you can read the text and find a link to the audio. […]