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Audio of the Psalms

As another way of imbibing the Psalms I recently purchased The Listener’s Psalms and Proverbs, narrated by Max McLean from McLean reading voice is well known, and he does a good job with the Psalms. The text being read is the NIV. I have long appreciated the rendering of the Psalms in the NIV- […]

Bray on Wright and Justification

As I mentioned previously Dr. Gerald Bray is with us at Union for a couple of weeks as our Scholar-in-Residence. On Tuesday he spoke at our Christian Studies colloquium addressing the current debate on justification particularly the recent interaction between John Piper and N. T. Wright. Bray’s editorial on this topic in the Churchman stirred […]

Teaching the Bible to Children

As part of our “Word Within the Word” conference a week ago, David and Sally Michael from Children Desiring God, led three breakout sessions on leading children in Bible Study. The Michaels were gracious enough to come even though their national conference was just this weekend. Their breakout sessions were packed and they did an […]

Wise Words

Wise Words: Family Stories that Bring the Proverbs to Life, by Peter Leithart (Canon Press), audio, 4 CD’s Ages 5+ This book is also available in print, but I bought the audio to listen to as we travelled over the holidays. It is excellent and we all enjoyed it greatly. The stories are read well, […]

The Hobbit, Audio

About a year ago I read The Hobbit to my boys and we all loved it. I recently found this audio version for a great deal (about $5!- not at Amazon). We have only listened to the first few minutes so far but we were taken with it immediately. The reading is really well done. […]

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Audio

While traveling during Spring Break we listened to the Harper Childrens Audio edition of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.. We read the whole Chronicles of Narnia series a couple of years ago (mentioned previously), but recently I have found both Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair in this unabridged audio editions for $10 a […]