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From Good Friday to Easter

Good Friday: Pause to perceive the pain, sit with the sorrow, contemplate the cruelty of the condemnation of Christ, the substitute of the sinless Son   Sad Saturday Saturday, the settled gloom Speaks only doom Our Lord sealed in the tomb. Our hopes were high. Why did he have to die? Was it all a […]

Rehabilitate the Noble Word, “Pastors”

Amen, John Stott: “In our day, in which there is much confusion about the nature and purpose of the pastoral ministry, and much questioning whether clergy are primarily social workers, psychotherapists, educators, facilitators or administrators, it is important to rehabilitate the noble word ‘pastors’, who are shepherds of Christ’s sheep, called to tend, feed and […]

Leadership in the Church

Today in my Pastoral Ministry class we will be discussing 1 Thess 5:12-13, which is a significant passage on the duties of pastors to congregation and congregation to pastors. Some seek to evade the language of authority in this text, but that is misguided. I think it reveals our discomfort with the idea of authority- […]

“Go, Labor On; Spend, and Be Spent”

I recently came across another hymn by Horatius Bonar, which I have added to my “Poems of Perseverance” file. It is on my office door this week as my Poem of the Week.  “Go, Labor On; Spend, and Be Spent” Go, labor on; spend, and be spent; Thy joy to do the Father’s will; It […]

Power in the Pulpit

While preparing for an upcoming lecture on pastoral ministry I came back across this helpful quote from the little gem, The Ministry: Addresses to Students of Divinity, by Charles Brown. Where some in the past thought the press had made preachign irrelevant, many today think various forms of media have had the same effect. Brown’s words […]