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“The Story of the Cross”

My poem of the week has been Edward Monro’s “The Story of the Cross.” I discovered this poem reading Anthony Esolen’s recent column at Touchstone Magazine. I appreciated the meditation on Jesus’ cross work, enhanced by Esolen’s comments,  and hope you will as well. In His own raiment clad, with His blood dyed; Women walk […]

God the Evangelist

“let us mark first of all when the Gospel is preached to us that it is just as if God reached out his hand (as he says by the prophet Isaiah, Isa. 65:2) and said to us, “Come to me.”  It is a matter which ought to touch us to the quick, when we see that […]

New at The Children’s Hour

I have recently posted several new reviews at my blog on children’s books, The Children’s Hour. I have a positive review of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic, The Lost World, which is a fun read with some good lessons to mine. I was quite disappointed with the final installment in Alister McGrath’s children’s trilogy, Darkness Shall […]

Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin?

Re-reading J. I. Packer’s Knowing God I came back across this hymn by Charles Wesley which I have chosen for this week’s poem of the week. Wesley wrote this hymn right after coming to faith expressing his joy in conversion. It is a marvelous expression of the wonder of being redeemed. Where shall my wondering […]

The Apocrypha, Lutheran Edition

For school I recently read through most of the Apocrypha with my boys, and I used the new, The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes(ESV) recently published by Concordia Publishing House. My boys had the standard Oxford Annotated Apocrypha (RSV). It was a great experience simply reading through this literature with them, and I greatly […]

Richard Baxter Poem on Facing Death

The “Poem of the Week” on my office door this week is Richard Baxter’s “Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care,” which I encountered while re-reading Packer’s Knowing God. It is a powerful testimony of trusting God, come what may. The hymn was published in 1681 in Baxter’s Poetical Fragments, where it is accompanied by this […]

Our Need for Augustine’s Hermeneutics

I have greatly enjoyed the introduction to Jason Byassee’s Praise Seeking Understanding: Reading the Psalms with Augustine. I’m still working on the rest of the book, but the intro itself deserves to be read as we think about how we interpret the Bible. Byasee does not suggest the Fathers got it all right, but argues […]

Prayer, the Very Essence of Religion

“Since prayer is that act by which we turn our will to God, prayer is of the very essence of religion . . . . Prayer is the most direct expression of faith, because prayerfully turning our thoughts and will to God is the initial step from thought about God to full assurance of God.  […]

The Church, More than What It Seems

“These two days [John 1:29-34] witnessed the beginning of the greatest institution in the world, – the Christian Church, – and the end of prophecy, which reached its goal when its last representative stood in the presence of Jesus, and, with pointing finger, designated Him as the Lamb of God.  To outward seeming they were […]