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Carson on Prayer

One of the Wednesday night classes at our church this semester is studying D. A. Carson’s book, A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His prayers. I bought this book 10 years ago, and it has been a significant help, challenge, and encouragement to me in many ways. I recommend it heartily. It […]

Chruch Discipline and Revival

Last week I posted about preaching on the church during a series of “Revival” meetings, arguing that if we truly want to see revival we must begin with the church. I also commented on preaching on church discipline in one of the services. While in my experience it seems church discipline would be the least […]

365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts

365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts (Crossway Books, 2006), hb., 440 pp. This is a nicely illustrated story Bible designed to cover the Bible in one year. Breaking it up into 365 stories is a helpful device for families. My wife has been using this book for our 4 year old when she has Bile […]

Brooks Robinson Bio

Third Base Is My Home, Brooks Robinson, as told to Jack Tobin (Word Books, 1974), hb, 202 pp. This is an out of print book I stumbled upon and read over one weekend. I did not read it to my boys. I read it myself, but thought along the way that this will be a […]

Adventure in Roman Britain

The Eagle of the Ninth, Rosemary Sutcliffe (Oxford University Press, 1954; reprint Sunburst edition, 1993), pb., 291 pp. Along the way I want to go back and post about books we have read in the past but did not comment on (typically because we read them before the blog began). This is one such book. […]

Stewart on Preaching the Good News

I have come across another old book of sermons by James S. Stewart, the prominent Scottish preacher of the mid-20th century. I have previously posted quotes from his book on missions (first post; second post; third post). This book, The Strong Name, was published in 1941 so I imagine the sermons were originally preached in […]

Children’s Bio of Blaise Pascal

A Piece of the Mountain: The Story of Blaise Pascal By Joyce McPherson (GreenLeaf Press, 1995), pb., 124 pp. Blaise Pascal is another key figure in history that we would all want to introduce to our children. He was one of the most important scientists and mathematicians of the 17th century and after his conversion […]

Kierkegaard in KJ

I continue to benefit from reading Kairos Journal, the online resource for pastors. You must register, but it is free. The following is from KJ. The first paragraph is an editorial introduction to the quote (second paragraph) from Kierkegaard. This is a much needed exhortations to pastors, lest we play at our task, willing to […]

Preaching this week

From Sunday until this Wed (9/17-20) I am preaching in a “series of meetings” at a church here in town. I have explained to the people that I will approach these services in a way perhaps not typical of Revival meetings. I have argued that if we truly want revival, we must start with the […]

Enjoying Books

For sometime now I have been wanting to write something on instilling a love for reading in your children. This is not that piece, but perhaps is a precursor. Today we made an outing, partially to be a nice event after our son’s accident (and full recovery). We went out to eat and then to […]