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Joe Thorn tagged me, with the following rules: 1) Grab the book closest to you. 2) Open to page 123; go down to the fourth sentence. 3) Post the text of the following three sentences. 4) Name the author and book title. 5) Tag three people to do the same. I’ll pass on step 5. […]

Swallowing the Golden Stone

Swallowing the Golden Stone: Stories and Essays, Walter Wangerin, Jr. (Augsburg Fortress, 2001), hb. 183 pp. I have only dabbled in this book so far, but I bought it because CBD has it on sale for 50 cents– for a hardback! At this price it’s worth picking up even if it only has a few […]

Pastoral Plagiarism Update

I have been meaning for months now to post an update on this topic. After the WSJ article came out in the Fall, Steve Sjogren responded on his blog. He basically said that those who take issue with his suggestion of using others sermons are not really interested in evangelism. The language in his blog […]

If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee

I came across this hymn this week (found it here), and it has ministered to me much. It seems to me that I grew up hearing far more “life is getting better & better” songs and not enough “persevering” kind of songs. These honest hymns that point us to rest in the sovereignty and goodness […]

Persecuted Pastor

Over the holidays I was challenged and encouraged by an account that came from my friend, Phil Eyster, President of EPI, an international church planting mission. I have obtained his permission to post some of his correspondence with a pastor friend from a country in Southeast Asia. Phil had gotten word that this pastor had […]

The True Story of Noah’s Ark

The True Story of Noah’s Ark, Tom Dooley Illustrated by Bill Looney (Master Books, 2003), hb., 73 pp. This is a nicely done, beautifully illustrated book. There are so many, very poorly done children’s books on Noah’s Ark. This one seeks to help you understand the setting, what life would have been like at the […]

Douglas Bond Continues the M’Kethe Story!

Quite a stir was caused at breakfast this morning when I told my boys of an email I had just received from Justin Taylor alerting me that Douglas Bond has written a new book about the M’Kethe family! The M’Kethe’s, whom we followed through the Crown & Covenant Series, have become almost dear friends to […]

ESV Childrens’ Bible

ESV Children’s Bible (Crossway, 2005), hb. 1632 pp. I have been meaning for some time to write something about the ESV Children’s Bible. I have had it listed in the recommended resources on there left. The picture above is of our boys on Christmas Day when their main gift was a copy of this Bible […]

Twila Paris, “Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies & Peaceful Worship”

Twila Paris, “Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies & Peaceful Worship” My wife and I are long time Twila Paris fans so it is no surprise that we liked this CD as well. We like having peaceful music to play as we put little ones (bed baby stage) to bed. This is a really nice one. Twila Paris […]

Miller Challenges “Bigger is Better” Mentality

Here are some more quotes from Calvin Miller’s O Shepherd Where Art Thou, this time related to the question of church growth. Of course we want to see more people saved, but Miller rightly criticizes the idea that amassing more and more believers in one place is the goal. Wit and wisdom are a good […]