The True Story of Noah’s Ark

The True Story of Noah’s Ark, Tom Dooley
Illustrated by Bill Looney
(Master Books, 2003), hb., 73 pp.

This is a nicely done, beautifully illustrated book. There are so many, very poorly done children’s books on Noah’s Ark. This one seeks to help you understand the setting, what life would have been like at the time in addition providing an apologetic for the historicity of the event. This is all done in such a way that this is a good one for families to read together. The illustrations really helped my boys to get an idea of the immensity of the ark. The book led to some good discussions of what it would have been like to really be there during this time.

Dooley uses more complex vocabulary sometimes which would make this more difficult with younger children or for children to read on their own. You can read it to your children though explaining as you go. The one part I thought was a reach was the suggestion that the pre-flood civilization may have achieved sophisticated technology. The page had a picture of a city with skyscrapers and a futuristic look. That was a small issue overall, however.We really enjoyed this book.

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