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Noah, Action Hero

Brian Godawa, screenwriter of To End All Wars, has written a “speculative retelling” of the Noah story titled, Noah Primeval: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book I. I was contacted about reviewing the book and at first was not interested. “Hollywood re-envisions a Bible story” did not sound interesting. However, when I noticed Godawa has a […]

Jonathan Park and the Secret of the Hidden Cave

Jonathan Park and the Secret of the Hidden Cave, Sandy & Pat Roy (Master Books, 1999), pb., 110 pp. This is a fun little story which is intended to teach some points about creationism and the biblical flood. It is not great writing. The plot is obvious and the stereotypes in the characters are so […]

In the Time of Noah

In the Time of Noah, N. D. Wilson Illustrated by Peter Bentley The Old Stories Series (Canon Press, 2007), hb., 33 pp. This is a nicely told, well illustrated rendering of the story of Noah. Like its series counterpart The Dragon and the Garden, however, it will surprise most readers fairly quickly. The distinctiveness of […]

The True Story of Noah’s Ark

The True Story of Noah’s Ark, Tom Dooley Illustrated by Bill Looney (Master Books, 2003), hb., 73 pp. This is a nicely done, beautifully illustrated book. There are so many, very poorly done children’s books on Noah’s Ark. This one seeks to help you understand the setting, what life would have been like at the […]