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Another Wycliffe Bio

The Beggars Bible , Louise A. Vernon (Herald Press, 1971), pb., 135 pp. Following the Thomson biography of Wycliffe, we read this one by Louise Vernon, The Beggars’ Bible. Whereas the Thomson bio began as Wycliffe first went to Oxford, this book picks up well in to Wycliffe’s career. This story centers around a young […]

Beautiful Feet Books Catalog

We have recently come across another helpful catalog for children’s literature. The folks at Beautiful Feet Books, like a number of others, both publish books of their own and offer books sold by others. We appreciate having several catalogs like this because it gives us access to books discovered by various people rather than leaving […]

United at Justification

Last Friday I was privileged to speak at a pre-conference pastors’ luncheon at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in the Memphis area. St. Andrews will be holding a conference this summer on the topic of Justification with Dr. Tom Nettles as the speaker. Wayne Herring and Doug Barcroft, pastors at St. Andrews, have become burdened about […]

Pastoral Lessons from Oprah Winfrey?

I am a bit late in posting this but a couple of weeks ago USA Today ran a story entitled, “The Divine Miss Winfrey”. This is not really surprising but it was a revealing look at typical views of spirituality in our culture. What first caught my attention though were the letters to the editor […]

Wayland Reprint in the Works

In case you did not see it in the comment section of the last post, Solid Ground Christian Books is in the process of reprinting Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel and they are including in the same volume J. W. Alexander’s Letters to Young Ministers (if you follow the link to this book […]

Children’s Bio of John Wycliffe

Morning Star of the Reformation , Andy Thomson (Bob Jones University Press, 1988) pb., 134pp. This is a kid’s biography of John Wycliffe. The author has created a fictional account of Wycliffe’s life from the time he first came to Oxford as a student. I was a bit frustrated with this book at first because […]

Wayland on Preaching the Text

As is no doubt becoming apparent, I am quite taken with Francis Wayland’s letter, “In What Sense is the Ministry of the Gospel a Profession.” In fact I am thinking of ways to have it or the whole book reprinted. Here is another excerpt- good advice needed today on preaching in plain language, textual preaching, […]

More from Wayland

Here is another quote from Frnacis Wayland in his book Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel. This quote comes from a letter entitled, “Is the Ministry a Profession?” As some of thecomments on the last post ntoed this is like a prequel to Piper’s Brothers We Are Not Professionals. May we heed this biblical […]

Wayland on real ministry

Here is a very interesting quote from Francis Wayland’s Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel (out of print to my knowledge). Wayland ministered 1800’s, but his words are very pertinent today, especially the points on avoiding offense and making unconverted people comfortable by the absence of searching preaching. The point on cultural acceptability and […]

A Prayer for Power on the Means of Grace, Newton

As we approach the Lord’s Day once more, here is another great poem from John Newton. He reminds us of our utter dependence upon God to bless our efforts that they might be effective. This is a useful prayer we can appropriate. A Prayer for Power on the Means of Grace John Newton O Thou, […]