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More from Wylie Johnson

Here are some more nuggets from the address mentioned in the previous post. Johnson goes to some length to exhort young pastors to remember their place. He is no enemy of pastoral authority; but he does take dead aim at abuse of authority. He writes: “Let no Baptist preacher ever seek to reimpose these barriers […]

Wylie C. Johnson, “The Preacher from the Layman’s Viewpoint” (1954)

While visiting Refiner’s Fire Bookshop in Louisville this summer, the owner, my friend, Ron Sloan, pointed me to a real jewel. It was Wylie C. Johnson’s “Tharp Lecture” at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary entitled “The Preacher From the Layman’s Viewpoint” (Feb. 24, 1954). It was a simple, paperback booklet. I don’t know anything about […]

Dispelling the Tyranny

Dispelling the Tyranny: The Sequel to When the Morning Came, Piet Prins (Inheritance Publications, 1994), pb., 152 pp. As mentioned in the subtitle, this is the sequel to When the Morning Came, which we really enjoyed. In this book Martin, his father and Boudewyn are not satisified with their safety in exile but long for […]

Carlyle on Reading

As we enter the weekend here’s a great quote sent to me by Brian Denker. “What we become depends on what we read after all the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is the collection of books.” –Thomas Carlyle

Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth

As we labor for the renewal of the Church, for a return to Biblical thinking and practice, it is easy to get discouraged. The progress is often slow, people sometimes oppose, we see our own weakness and failures, and we can begin to wonder if we are doing anything worthwhile. We can be tempted to […]

A. T. Robertson on the Value of Greek for Preachers

Robertson is probably the most prominent New Testament scholar to emerge from Southern Baptist ranks. He was not an ivory tower academician, however. His concern that study be translated into good preaching for the building up of the church is evident throughout his work. In fact on my count, his published works fall primarily into […]

C. S. Lewis on the Emptiness of External Religion

To follow the previous post, here is a quote from C. S. Lewis where he is making the point that the worst sins are often not the obvious ones, but can often be masked in religiosity. Lewis specifically mentions the pleasure of power, which is a good warning to anyone in leadership. This quote is […]

Geerhardus Vos on Gospel Preaching

On our recent vacation I read Letters of Geerhardus Vos . I will be posting a full review soon, but I wanted to go ahead and make one observation from the book. The biographical sketch and letters show Vos concerned about churches who retained a conservative profession but whose preaching consisted merely of moralisms. Liberalism […]

One’s Reading, a Mirror of the Soul

Recently I was sent the following quote from Oswald Sander’s Spiritual Leadership. “If a man is known by the company he keeps, so also his character is reflected in the books he reads. A leader’s reading is the outward expression of his inner hungers and aspirations.” (104) How true it is! It is for this […]

Luther on True Faith

Here is a great quote from Luther’s preface to his commentary on Romans on the nature of true faith. This is such a needed truth in our day, when people think they have saving faith because they have walked an aisle, prayed a prayer or even been baptized but there are no active results to […]