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Holiday Reading

At this time of year, among other things I’m often thinking of what I might read over the holidays, and I typically have in mind more books than I can possibly get to. So I thought I’d share the books recently purchased or received (often due to the generosity of my colleague, Ben Mitchell) which […]

Preaching Christmas

Pastors often talk about the challenge of preaching on Christmas once they have done so several years in one place. This is a real issue, and I think a key answer is awareness of biblical theology- seeing that Christmas is not simply one event in the Bible but is the culmination of the hopes and […]

Books for Boys

[from The Children’s Hour] A colleague recently asked me for some recommendations for books for boys, so I thought I’d post my list and reflections here. Many more no doubt could or should be listed, but below are some books my boys and I have enjoyed. I compiled the list by giving a quick look […]

A Morning Prayer

Reading and praying Psalm 90 recently, verses 14, 16-17 particularly caught me as expressing so much of what I want to pray for myself and my family. For the last little while I have made it a regular part of my morning prayer. Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may […]

True stories

“Stories organize our lives, and the stories that won’t or can’t do that are false stories. The stories that orient us, that place us back where we should have been, the stories that bring redemption, are called true stories. They go by other names if you listen to the teller of false stories- legends, lies, […]