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Preaching Christmas

Pastors often talk about the challenge of preaching on Christmas once they have done so several years in one place. This is a real issue, and I think a key answer is awareness of biblical theology- seeing that Christmas is not simply one event in the Bible but is the culmination of the hopes and dreams of the Old Testament with implications for what is still future to us. In this sense Christmas is all through the Bible.  When God promises to build David a “house,” to establish his line with a Son always on the throne (2 Sam 7), this is a promise of Christmas. When Athaliah, that daughter of Jezebeel, rose up to destroy all the royal house of Judah (the line of David) and make herself Queen (2 Kings 11), this was just one more example of the seed of the serpent seeking to destroy the seed of woman. The deliverance of Joash and preservation of the Davidic line was the rescuing of Christmas. When Haman conspired to destroy the Jews, this was simply the seed of the serpent once more bent on preventing Christmas, and God raised up Esther to preserve the seed of woman.

Examples abound, and I have previously sought to deal with this issue in this audio.

May God bless you in the preaching of His glorious gospel this Christmas.

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