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Sad Saturday

Saturday, the settled gloomSpeaks only doomOur Lord sealed in the tomb.Our hopes were high.Why did he have to die? Was it all a lie? Stumble through Sabbath, weak, Everything so bleak What to do at the 1st of the week?

Good Friday

Good Friday:Pause to perceive the pain, sit with the sorrow, contemplate the crueltyof the condemnation of Christ,  the substitute of the sinless Son

Keep a-Goin’

My poem of the week this week has been one of my favorites from Frank L. Stanton (February 22, 1857- January 7, 1927), who was the first poet laureate of the state of Georgia. I appreciate the “down home”, everyday life themes of his poems which are often sprinkled with what used to be common sense […]

Charles Dickens’ The Chimes & Comforting Those Who Mourn

Dickens is good to read for reminders of what all you have to be grateful for and for reminers of the plight of the working poor. The Chimes is not as good as A Christmas Carol, but has some similar themes and ideas (man shown his future, warned by ghosts). One of the more striking […]

More Endorsements for New Edition of Calvin’s Sermons on 1 Timothy

Since yesterday’s post, three more kind endorsements of the new edition of Calvin’s sermons on 1 Timothy have come in. “John Calvin’s sermons are the headwaters of the Reformation’s rediscovery of apostolic preaching with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven. It is all here; exegesis and application, believers and unbelievers are addressed, exhorted and […]