More Endorsements for New Edition of Calvin’s Sermons on 1 Timothy

Since yesterday’s post, three more kind endorsements of the new edition of Calvin’s sermons on 1 Timothy have come in.

“John Calvin’s sermons are the headwaters of the Reformation’s rediscovery of apostolic preaching with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven. It is all here; exegesis and application, believers and unbelievers are addressed, exhorted and beseeched to hear and obey. The messages are declared with divine grace through Jesus Christ. God is honoured, and the people of God edified.”

–          Geoff Thomas, Pastor, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Wales

“For many years, I have turned with great profit to the facsimile edition of John Calvin’s Sermons on the Pastoral Epistles. They are faithful, profound and helpful expositions of the text of Scripture. This new edition makes these important sermons more accessible and useful for the Twenty-first century. Scholars, pastors and lay people will all profit immensely from a careful reading of this book.”

–          James M. Renihan, Dean, Professor of Historical Theology, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

“This updated edition of Calvin’s sermons on Paul’s first letter to Timothy is a labor of love by Ray Van Neste. The financial proceeds from this volume will never repay the years of work he invested in its preparation. So why did he make the effort? Well, is a man never to do anything for the sake of Christ and His kingdom that offers little earthly reward? God help him, if not. Besides, Dr. Van Neste knows that these sermons, which have been in print for half a millennium, will continue to have an enduring appeal to many of Jesus’s followers in every generation. This will be especially so among those who are faithful shepherds of Christ’s flock and who have the responsibility to feed not only their own souls, but also the souls of Christ’s sheep. Long after Dr. Van Neste has gone to enjoy his eternal reward, these sermons will still bless the church. I am grateful for scholars like Ray Van Neste who gladly use their education, skills, and time ‘for the joy set before him’.”

–          Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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