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Concerning the True Care of Souls

Concerning the True Care of Souls, Martin Bucer Translated by Peter Beale (Banner of Truth, 2009), hb. 218 pp. Martin Bucer (1491-1551) was one of the leading lights of the Reformation even though he is now lesser known in general. Bucer is the one who invited Calvin to Strasbourg after his expulsion from Geneva and […]

Psalms Book in Production

Anyone who has been reading this blog (both of you) over the last year or so will have noticed a focus on the role of the Psalms in worship, both corporate and private. This arose from developments in my own life which corresponded with and were enhanced by a project I led at Union University, […]

“God does us an inestimable pleasure”

Preaching on 1 Timothy 3 Calvin expounds proper teaching of the Scripture as a distinguishing mark of a proper church and the considers the great privilege of hearing the word of God, recognizing that it is through His word that God abides with us. And it is a singular comfort to us, so oft as […]