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“God does us an inestimable pleasure”

Preaching on 1 Timothy 3 Calvin expounds proper teaching of the Scripture as a distinguishing mark of a proper church and the considers the great privilege of hearing the word of God, recognizing that it is through His word that God abides with us.

And it is a singular comfort to us, so oft as we are assembled, namely, since the word of God is faithfully delivered to us, then we know that God is in the middle of us, and there sits as ruler, then we have the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and are knit together to him as members to their head.  Therefore when we are sure of this, have we not, I ask you, good occasion to rejoice?  And therefore let us mark that God does us an inestimable pleasure when his word is thus delivered to us, and we have men who can execute such an office, who have knowledge and the means also to edify us; for it is as much as if God showed himself to us in visible shape, we have no less assurance that we are joined to him and that he governs us than if he should show himself to us face to face.

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