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You Should Celebrate the Reformation

There are so many reasons for people to celebrate the Reformation, and every year at this time I try to point out some facet of the impact of this great event. This year I am pleased to announce that the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies at Union University is planning REF500, a festival celebrating the […]

Justin Wainscott on the Importance of the Reformation

This past Sunday many church celebrated Reformation Sunday as we near Reformation Day, Oct 31, the anniversary of the day Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, sparking the Protestant Reformation. Justin Wainscott, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN, passionately explained the importance of the Reformation in terms of […]

That Your Faith May Not Fail

I am pleased to see that Selah Helms’ book, That Your Faith May Not Fail is now available. I was blessed to have an opportunity to read a pre-publication copy. Selah tells the story of her son’s tragic accident and how her family has walked through this trial. Having known, loved and respected the Helms […]

What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?

A few weeks ago I spoke on this topic as part of a series titled “The Gospel, Sexuality, and Culture” at First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. The audio from this session can be found here, as well as links to the other messages in the series by Justin Barnard, Ben Mitchell and Hunter Baker.

“Thank you, God, for putting in Momma’s mind the idea for this great food.”

  I am currently reading Tim Keller’s new book on prayer and benefiting from discussing it with a group of my faculty colleagues. Also, last week I was blessed to hear a great message on prayer from Steve Gaines in a chapel service. Prayer is an area where I always need growth and these things […]

“It is Glory Enough”

This is a great poem about living boldly for truth. The call to rely “on only your soul” in the second stanza misses it, but replace “soul” there with “God” and this is it! So many compelling images pressed into service for calling us to stand for what is right regardless of public opinion or […]