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Away for Vacation

My family and I will be away this week on vacation. My boys are especially excited. My four year old kept commenting with amazement that we would be on “cation” for 5 days. When I told him that actually we would be gone 6 days he remarked with amazement, “That more fingers than I have […]

What is pastoral Ministry?

I am currently reading (slowly, along the way) James W. Thompson’s new book, Pastoral Ministry According to Paul (Baker, 2006). I have a hunch that I will see things a bit differently than Thompson, but as far as diagnosing the problem I think he is “spot on.” Here are some key quotes from his first […]

A Children’s Bio of John Calvin

The River of Grace: A Life of John Calvin, by Joyce McPherson (Greenleaf Press, 1998), pb., 159 pp. This Was John Calvin, Thea B. Van Halsema (I.D.E.A. Ministries, 1959), pb., 221 pp. In a previous post I commented on Beza’s life of Calvin which I recommended as background reading for parents. We had two other […]

Insights from Out of the Silent Planet

I am not posting much just now because I am focusing on making progress with a writing project. However I wanted to go ahead and post a lengthy quote from C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet. I have just recently begun reading Lewis’ science fiction, and I really enjoyed this book. Lewis’ views on […]

A Bio of Calvin for Parents

The Life of John Calvin, Theodore Beza; translated by Henry Beveridge (1844); edited and expanded by Gary Sanseri (this edition, Back Home Industries, 1996), hb., 149 pp. In our working through the Reformation we have made our way to John Calvin. When I looked I saw we had three biographies of Calvin. Here I will […]

New Site on Children’s Books

Steve Barancik at his website, “Best Children’s Books,” has created a new page devoted to blogs that focus on children’s literature. He lists a number of blogs with each blog providing a “3 Best” list. The Children’s Hour is featured on this page with a list of three best Bible story books for children. Mr. […]

Ordination Charge- Love the Church

Ordination Charge- Love the Church Here is a slightly edited version of an ordination charge I recently gave. I try here to communicate that love for the church ought to be a key source from which our ministry arises. Loving the people is not in contrast to preaching, etc. Rather, it is the context from […]

Historic Roots of Systematic Pastoral Visitation

When describing the need for careful oversight of a congregation people often think of the example of Richard Baxter. Baxter is of course a good example, and I have fairly frequently referred to Baxter in posts on this blog. However, we must not think Baxter originated the idea of regular, systematic visitation of one’s congregation. […]

Pastoral Care Essential

I am increasingly concerned that guys who are earnest to reclaim the importance of biblical proclamation are losing sight of the importance of pastoral care. Increasingly I hear of guys who think their only role is to fill the pulpit and that they should not be bothered with other things. This is simply not the […]

A Children’s Bio of Tyndale

Bible Smuggler, Louise Vernon (Herald Press, 1967), pb., 137 pp. Wow! Having read and not been real impressed with four other Vernon Bio’s I was not expecting a whole lot from this one, but we had no other biographies of Tyndale. However, we were pleasantly surprised. This book worked well as a story. It was […]