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Audible Free Trial, a Great Choice for Audio Books

I have been an Audible subscriber for sometime now and have found it very useful for listening to books. This is the way I keep up with many of the books I read with my boys for school, and it is a great way to make good use of time travelling alone. You can get […]

Stirring Stories of Mission Work

I have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to finally announce that this book is now available: Soaring Higher: Itinerary of a Fifty Year Flight of Faith. The “blurb” I wrote for the book is pasted in below. Not only have I enjoyed- been challenged, helped, and encouraged by- this book, but I have read significant […]

“The End of Comfortable Christianity”

The most recent issue of Touchstone magazine contains a powerful, timely editorial by Robert George titled, “Ashamed of the Gospel?: The End of Comfortable Christianity.” Here are the first two paragraphs: The days of socially acceptable Christianity in the West are surely over. The days of comfortable Christian orthodoxy are past. It is no longer […]

Herbert’s Poetic Portrayal of Pastoral Ministry

I’m continuing to glean from the reading of George Herbert’s The Temple, an amazing collection of poems describing the Christian life.  His poem, “Aaron,” is a compelling, honest portrayal of the challenge of pastoral ministry. Herbert poses the problem of the reality of the preacher’s sinfulness and the holiness of God. How can a sinful […]

Perseverance, by George Herbert

I have enjoyed reading through the poems of George Herbert with my sons the last week or so. They are rich, full of the struggles of life and conscience and full of hope. I was struck by how often the word “mirth” appeared. My poem of the week this week has been his poem titled, […]

Paul, the Pastor of Particular People

One key point I have sought to make here and elsewhere is that Paul models a pattern of ministry which is attuned to each individual in the church and not just to a corporate mass. He conceives of ministry as serving particular people not simply people in the abstract. I think his language bears this […]

Broadus on Puns

Next to my enjoyment of puns themselves is the delight in finding so many worthies of the past extolling the virtue of puns. I should have been collecting these statements along the way, but here is one recently sent to me by Greg Wills. John Broadus, whom Spurgeon deemed the “greatest of living preachers,” second […]

Chesterton, “O God of Earth and Altar”

My friend, Greg Thornbury, mentioned this poem recently, and it grabbed me as a fitting poetic prayer for our time. So, this poem from Chesterton is on my door as the poem of the week. “O God of Earth and Altar” by G.K. CHESTERTON O God of earth and altar, Bow down and hear our cry, […]

Book Review: Home Again, A Civil War Novel

Home Again: A Civil War Novel, Michael Kenneth Smith (Create Space, 2015), pb., 251 pp. List $13.95 paperback I was attracted to this book because it is primarily set in Tennessee and deals with the Battle of Shiloh. So, when I was offered a review copy I took it. The story centers on two boys […]