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Above Reproach

I am sitting in a restaurant right now working on material for our upcoming conference. Other people here are talking openly about local scandals concerning pastors abusing their wives and their own stories of finding pastors in compromising situations and locations. These are not national stories, just their own local incidences. Eventually one woman said, […]

Burke on shaping the next generation

“Tell me what are the prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your young people and I will tell you what is to be the character of the next generation.”– Sir Edmund Burke

T4G Book

Preaching the Cross(Crossway, 2007), hb., 176 pp. The book containing the addresses from the conference is now available! I have looked through the book and it looks excellent. After I have time to read it I will comment further, but I wanted to go ahead and draw attention to the book. It looks like a […]

Beeke on True Shepherding

My posts have been infrequent this last week and will probably be so this week as well with the conference coming this weekend. I have a backlog of book reviews which I will hope to get rolling next week. In the meantime, let me recommend Joel Beeke’s excellent brief article in the most recent Tabletalk. […]

Crow and Weasel

Crow and Weasel, Barry Lopez Illustrated by Tom Pohrt pb., 64 pp. Older Children, 12+ This is a really deep book. It is a Native American tale of two young men emerging into manhood. Crow and Weasel are sent on an exploring adventure for the sake of their community, going further north than any of […]

Conference Session on Children’s Books

Over at my blog on pastoral ministry I recently mentioned an upcoming conference hosted by the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies at Union University. You can see the post there and the conference webpage for full details. My reason for mentioning it here is that I will be leading a breakout session on Bible material […]

Blackthorn Winter

Blackthorn Winter, Douglas Wilson (Veritas Press, 2003), pb., 141 pp. Older children, 12+ I was quite interested to see what Wilson would do in his children’s books. This is his first children’s novel. The story line is great, compelling plot, good adventure, nice twists and turns. The overall story line reminded me a lot of […]

The Good Shepherd

I am really enjoying going through the gospel of John with my Johannine Literature class this semester.  This week we discussed John 10, where Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd.  The main point of the passage is Christological.  However, with the rich OT background and subsequent NT application of the title ‘shepherd’ to pastors, […]

One Bible, One Gospel Conference

The Ryan Center conference on this theme will be held April 27-28. This conference is intended for pastors, Sunday School teachers, Bible study leaders, and anyone who wants to improve their own study of the Bible. One of the most important things we as pastors must do is to train our people to interpret and […]

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle, Designed by Willabel Tong, Illustrated by Phil Wilson (Piggy Toes Press, 2004), hb. This is not the typical book I have discussed here. It is not a story but a visual. You open it all the way until the two covers meet revealing a 3D pop-up of a medieval castle. Doors open from […]