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One Bible, One Gospel Conference

The Ryan Center conference on this theme will be held April 27-28. This conference is intended for pastors, Sunday School teachers, Bible study leaders, and anyone who wants to improve their own study of the Bible. One of the most important things we as pastors must do is to train our people to interpret and apply the Bible well. This is the aim of the Ryan Center conference each time it is held.

This year the overall focus is on the importance of viewing the Bible as a whole and seeing how the Old Testament applies today. Dr. Paul House of Beeson Divinity School will be the plenary speaker. In a recent radio interview Dr. House talked about how important it is to see how the gospel unfolds from the overall story of the whole Bible. He stressed that this is not merely an academic issue, but it is crucial as we seek to speak the gospel to a culture which has less and less understanding of key concepts such as “Christ,” “covenant,” etc.

Breakout sessions will also be held on various topics some taking up specific issues on connections between the testaments and some providing guidance in basic steps of Bible study (e.g., word studies, application). The Breakout sessions will be led by UU faculty as well as special guests Grant Osborne of TEDS and Kenneth Mathews of Beeson. There will also be sessions on effective women’s Bible study and worldview introduction led by some ladies from Explorers Bible Study. Lastly, John Falahee of Logos Bible Software will lead a session on computer assisted Bible study.

You can see all the information at the conference webpage. The cost is $45 which includes all sessions, 3 meals, as well as freebies from some publishers including an ESV bible from Crossway and a bible study on James from Explorers. You will notice on the web page that the registration deadline is listed as April 6. However, there is still time to register. You can register online at the webpage or use the contact information listed there.

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