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Singing Psalm 19

This week with my kids we have been singing the following version of Psalm 19 to the tune of “Lead on O King Eternal.” This only covers verses 1-6 & 14, so it would be better if it covered all these verses. It does capture though the connection between natural and special revelation, and the […]

Bible Conference with Sandy Willson

On March 20-21 the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies, which I direct, will host it’s 7th bible study conference, aimed at helping people grow in their ability to interpret and apply the Scriptures. Sandy Willson will be our guest speaker and he will address the theme, “But as for You: Regaining Our Confidence in God’s […]

When Shepherds Play the Part of Wolves

 “When those who have the title of shepherd play the part of wolves, heresy grows in the garden of the Church.” – Lothar of Saxony, 12th century (cited in Barbara Tuchman, A Distant Mirror, 123).                 [Illustration, “Shepherd Wolf,” by Gustave Dore]

The Travels of Marco Polo

I just finished reading The Travels of Marco Polo with my older sons for school. The historical value of the breadth of information it contains about the eastern lands where Polo travelled is undeniable, but the telling itself is not very compelling. I expected a bit more narrative. While some stories are told, it is […]

“Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast”, Wesley

This Charles Wesley hymn is a powerful presentation of the gospel call, pleading for people to come to Christ. Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast; Let every soul be Jesus’ guest. Ye need not one be left behind, For God hath bid all mankind. Sent by my Lord, on you I call; The invitation is […]

Psalm-singing & Beheadings

Last night after getting home from church, as I was about to gather the things for the Psalm my family would sing this week, I saw the news of the Egyptian Christians beheaded by ISIS. I pointed the story out to my older sons. We have talked much over the last year about the call […]

When I Was a Young Man: A Memoir, Bob Kerrey

When I Was a Young Man: A Memoir, Bob Kerrey (Audio version, Audible Studios, 2014) I was offered a free review copy of this audio book and accepted knowing I had the semester break to listen. I recognized the author as a politician, decorated war veteran, whom I thought had run for but not received […]

Resources for Preaching/Teaching Psalm 91

As mentioned in the last post, I intend to comment on the resources I use each time I prepare to teach or preach a Psalm. Recently I taught Psalm 91 in an adult Sunday School class. Eric Lane’s Psalms 90-150: The Lord Reigns (Christian Focus, 2006) was a bit new to me so I tried […]

An Indictment on Evangelical Worship

At the start of a new semester, I have chosen for my poem of the week a stirring critique of all too common experiences in our evangelical worship services by Justin Wainscott. We have probably all seen the things skewered here. Let us labor for better.  An Indictment on Evangelical Worship Set the stage and […]

What Resources are Good for Help Preaching the Psalms?

Along the way I have lamented the lack of great resources for help in preaching the Psalms. There is a general problem of Bible commentaries getting bogged down in details and seeming to forget this is the word of God to the people of God. But this is particularly aggravated with the Psalms. At least […]