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A Poem of Trust

My poem of the week this week comes from Elizabeth Prentiss, whose poems abut faith in the midst of suffering have for years been a challenge and comfort to me. “So Be It” So be it; ’tis Thy plan not mine, And being Thine is good; And God, my will shall yield to Thine Ere […]

The Church in All Quiet on the Western Front

I am reading All Quiet on the Western Front with my boys for school. The writing is powerful and sobering, raising many key issues of life. One passage particularly caught my attention as an illustration of the church. After the narrator got lost in no man’s land after a reconnaissance mission at night he began […]

Bendable Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I visited a bookstore with some friends and noticed this figure of Jesus. It struck me that this is the Jesus our culture is interested in: a discounted, bendable Jesus. Jesus is welcome as long as he doesn’t cost much and as long as we can shape him as we […]

Every Occupation Can Be Spiritual

  “Our Savior Christ … was a carpenter, and got his living with great labour. Therefore let no man disdain … to follow him in a common calling and occupation. For as he blessed our nature with taking upon him the shape of a man, so in his doing he blessed all occupations and arts.” […]

Danger of Picking & Choosing from the Bible

T. H. L. Parker’s challenge two decades ago of the Church of England, of which he was a part, is relevant to us today. “What wonder that a church which picks and chooses what it wants out of the Bible should become confused in its theology, flabby in its morals, and with little to state […]