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Thanksgiving Thoughts, William Bradford & The Pilgrims

As part of our thinking about Thanksgiving this year, following a suggestion from Doug Phillips, I read to our older boys chapter 4 from William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation: Bradford’s History of the Plymouth Settlement, 1608-1650. They had read through the book this year, but this gave me an opportunity to emphasize a certain aspect […]

Give to the Winds Thy Fears

My poem of the week this week is this wonderful hymn on perseverance rooted in knowledge of God’s sovereign love and care. May it be as encouraging to you as it is to me. Give to the Winds Thy Fears by Paul Gerhardt (translated from German to English by John Wesley in his Collection, 1737) […]

The Reformation Commentary Series

This Fall InterVarsity Press has launched their new Reformation Commentary Series, edited by Timothy George. This series collects key comments from the Reformers for each biblical book in order to help us read the Bible along with the church through the ages. In this respect this series is a companion to the Ancient Christian Commentary […]

Spurgeon, The Value of the Psalms

“Time was when the Psalms were not only rehearsed in all the churches from day to day, but they were so universally sung that the common people knew them, even if they did not know the letters in which they were written. Time was when bishops would ordain no man to the ministry unless he […]