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Psalms and Children

At my other blog I have commented recently on “The Psalms Project” that I am a part of at Union this semester. It started very well last week with an address from John Witvliet the Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, whose Worship Renewal Grant is funding this project. I mention Dr. Witvliet’s […]

Psalms Project Update

The Psalms Project got started in a wonderful way with Dr. John Witvliet yesterday. The audio should be available soon (you can check here). Dr. Witvliet made the point that the Psalms teach us the language we need to relate with God much as parents do as we teach our children to say “Thank you,” […]

Hymns & Children

I have some catching up to do with commenting on books, but various things are conspiring against this at the moment!So, I thought I would post this video to make the point of the value of teaching substantive hymns to our children. At our church teaching hymns to our children is a part of the […]

Founders’ Day, Charles Williams

My Founders’ Day address on Charles Williams is now available online. I was challenged and encouraged by studying him, so I hope others will be by this attempt to summarize his life and work.

Psalms Project Underway

The Psalms Project here at Union (mentioned previously) gets underway this week with chapel this Wednesday (Feb18) with Dr. John Witvliet. Dr. Witvliet is the Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, whose Worship Renewal Grant is funding this project. Dr. Witvliet has written extensively on worship and particularly on the Psalms. Chapel is […]

Charles Williams on Pastoral Ministry

I am currently preparing for the Founders’ Day Address at Union this Friday where my topic will be Charles Bray Williams who taught at Union from 1926 to 1939. He had previously served as founding professor of Biblical Greek at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1905-1919), President of Howard College (now Samford; 1919-1921) and Professor of […]

A Sermon Listener’s Guide

Eric Smith at Shepherd of the Sheep has recently posted a Sermon Listener’s Guide he prepared for his people. I think this is a very valuable tool so I have pasted in his questions here. I encourage you to read his full post on how he has been talking to his people about the place […]

Questionnaire for Pastoral Candidates

When working with churches that are looking for a pastor I encourage them to prepare a list of key questions for any candidate. Few churches, in my experience, are prepared with good, thoughtful questions that will get to the heart of key issues. Recently, a friend shared with me the following questionnaire which comes from […]

R. E. Lee as a Parent

I am currently reading to my boys a not so exciting book about Robert E. Lee. Lee is a great subject, but the style of this book is ponderous. One benefit though is the frequent extracts from Lee’s letters, particularly letters to his children. This excerpt from a letter to his son in the army […]

Favorite Exodus Commentary

As I focused on Exodus all last week I realized even more how much I like James Bruckner’s new Exodus commentary in the NIBC series. I commented positively on this commentary earlier in Preaching Magazine’s Annual Bible and Bible Reference Survey article. As I spent more time in Exodus this week my appreciation of this […]