Psalms and Children

At my other blog I have commented recently on “The Psalms Project” that I am a part of at Union this semester. It started very well last week with an address from John Witvliet the Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, whose Worship Renewal Grant is funding this project.

I mention Dr. Witvliet’s address at this blog because it is rich in application in training children. Dr. Witvliet uses training his children as an example of how the Psalms teach us to relate to God properly. Then, his argument that the Psalms are “formative speech”- speech that teaches us how to speak, think, relate and feel- is a strong encouragement for us to be leading our children in memorizing Scripture and to expose them to Scripture so consistently that it shapes our speaking and thinking.

I encourage you to listen to the full address. Dr. Witvliet is good speaker so it is also an enjoyable listen.

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