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Truett on Preaching

As we enter the weekend and no doubt many of you will be preaching, here is a word from George Truett. George W. Truett was one of the highly esteemed preachers in the SBC and beyond. He served as pastor of FBC Dallas from 1897 to his death in 1944. Brian Denker recently found this […]

Doing Poetry and Dealing with Pride

One of the fun parts of blogging is encountering other people. Recently Derek Brown visited this site and I followed the link back to his blog. There I found a poem he has written entitled, “Unless the Heart is Broken.” If you have read this blog much, you know that I encourage the use of […]

Plagiarism again, response to Sheep’s Crib

J. A. Gillmartin has posted his response to my arguments on pastoral plagiarism (post 1, post 2) at his blog The Sheep’s Crib. I think my argument can be best made by encouraging you to read his post and compare it with what has been said here, not only in my posts but in the […]

Magic Tree House Series

UPDATED The Magic Tree House Series, Mary Pope Osborne My boys really enjoy this series. We have listened to some on tape, my wife has read some to them, but mostly they have read these themselves. These have been some of the best books for them to get started with a love for reading. The […]

Awesome God: Worship Songs for Children

Awesome God: Worship Songs for Children, Sovereign Grace Music Several weeks ago I, along with a number of other bloggers, received a copy of this CD for review. Sovereign Grace Music is a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries, the ministry led by C. J. Mahaney. At first I was not especially taken with the CD […]


Oftentimes the best way to expose error is the use of good satire. For this reason I appreciate some of the Christian satire sites on the web. This older story from LarkNews, entitled, “Church growth conference helps pastors feel like miserable failures”, is a good example. It takes a swipe at the performance orientation of […]

Craftsmen, reading to your children

Craftsmen: Skilfully Leading Your Family for Christ , by John Crotts (Shepherd Press, 2005), pb., 160 pp. This is not a book for reading to your children but a book particularly to Dads about leading their families. The author draws from the Old Testament wisdom literature to talk about being a wise man in your […]

Pastoral Plagiarism, Part 2

The previous post has caused some stir, and I am glad because I think this is an important issue to consider. I am also glad because no doubt many will read the Sjogren article as it is on Rick Warren’s site, and I hope there will be people ready to hold accountable those who fall […]

Max Lucado’s Wemmicks

We saw the first of these books, You Are Special, several years ago when some friends gave it to us as a gift. Only more recently have we seen the sequel, If Only I Had a Green Nose . Anyone who has read even a little of Lucado knows that he is certainly a gifted […]

Pastoral Plagiarism

A few days ago a pastor friend sent me a link for an article entitled “Don’t be original – be effective!”, by Steve Sjogren, a Cincinnati pastor and author. The article had been posted at Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox at Pastors.Com. After reading the article I simply sat there dumbfounded, stupefied. I felt like imitating […]