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Encouragement for Discouraged Preachers

As we approach the anniversary of John Calvin’s last sermon (February 6, 1564) I am posting comments from his sermons on 1 Timothy. In the section below, from a sermon on 1 Tim 6:12-14, Calvin provides powerful encouragement for those times of discouragement, opposition and despair. Appropriately, Calvin points us to God drawing especially on […]

Abandoned to God

“Upon what condition has God called us to his service?  Is it for one deed or two, and then give us leave every man to rest?  No, no; but that we should dedicate ourselves to him, both to live and to die, and to be his, for good and all.” –  John Calvin, sermon on […]

Gospel-Inspired Striving

“If men through vain ambition are so set on fire that they spare not their very lives, what shall we do?  What cowardliness is it and how can it be excused if any may spare himself, when God sets not before us any temporal wages, any piece of silver, and fleeting and brittle possession, but […]