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Archive of posts tagged sanctification

Gospel-Inspired Striving

“If men through vain ambition are so set on fire that they spare not their very lives, what shall we do?  What cowardliness is it and how can it be excused if any may spare himself, when God sets not before us any temporal wages, any piece of silver, and fleeting and brittle possession, but […]

Imagination the Basis of Ethics, Worldview

Below is a recent post from my blog on children’s literature, “The Children’s Hour.”  It concerns the role of the imagination in the development of a worldview and in sanctification.  This is a significant pastoral issue both in the pastor’s role of thinking about the training of the children in the church and just in […]

Sanctification by Faith

Here is a good description of sanctification making clear that we work but we do so by grace and not to earn or maintain our salvation. “As Americans, we live in a culture that looks for fast, simple solutions to all problems…. we must testify that no such solution exists for the process of sanctification. […]