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That Your Faith May Not Fail

I am pleased to see that Selah Helms’ book, That Your Faith May Not Fail is now available. I was blessed to have an opportunity to read a pre-publication copy. Selah tells the story of her son’s tragic accident and how her family has walked through this trial. Having known, loved and respected the Helms […]

God only speaks for our profit

In his first sermon on 2 Timothy John Calvin discusses God’s aim in preaching and his gracious desires for his people. God only speaks for our profit. He wants his love, his mercy, is infinite goodness, to be laid out before us. He wants us to be assured of our salvation. He wants us to […]

Cherish a Holy Warmth

I really appreciated this excerpt from Spurgeon, finding that it both challenged and encouraged me personally and expressed what I am aiming for in teaching and preaching. It is so easy to become the overly cautious person he rebukes here. I think he is exactly right that the failure to be loving and gracious often […]

Ten Commandments of Grace

We were blessed today in the service at St. Andrews Free Church under the preaching of Alasdair Macleod.  The singing, including two psalms, was robust and encouraging. We caught part two of a three part sermon series titled “Ten Commandments of Grace” in which Macleod is essentially seeking to summarize the message of Paul. Today […]

Thundering Knox Preached Grace

John Knox is known as a thundering preacher, and he was. However, it is easy for us to associate “thundering” with condemnation. Douglas Bond, examining one of only two surviving sermons from Knox (on the temptations of Jesus), concludes: “Knox labored to give confidence to his flock in their sanctification. There is no hint of […]

Sanctification by Faith

Here is a good description of sanctification making clear that we work but we do so by grace and not to earn or maintain our salvation. “As Americans, we live in a culture that looks for fast, simple solutions to all problems…. we must testify that no such solution exists for the process of sanctification. […]

Grace Points from Ortlund

Ray Ortlund is a regular reminder to me of the centrality of grace. Two of his recent posts speak directly to the theme of my last two posts (one, two). First, in words I have heard him use elsewhere Ortlund presses the implications of being under grace and not law. He writes: You are not […]

Our Dog

I am a “dog person.” As I grew up my dad raised beagles, and we had 30 to 40 dogs at a time. I have enjoyed dogs as far back as I can remember. However, our family had not had a dog, yet because I have been waiting until our boys were ready to help […]

The Power of Grace, Newton

I just received the latest copy of the John Newton Project Prayer Letter, and it contained a few lines from Newton’s hymn “The Power of Grace.” I checked out cyberhymnal for the rest of the hymn but they don’t have it. I finally found it at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. I really appreciated the […]