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Ortlund on Wisdom

Ray Ortlund, always worth hearing, has a good word on “How to become a Sage.” Here is an excerpt: Principle: The further we advance in Christ, the more we marvel at his untapped riches. Corollary: The more we feel people need our opinions, the more obvious it is they don’t. Another corollary: The more we feel […]

Joy in Communion, Once More

I have previously commented here on the fact that we should come joyfully to the Lord’s table contrary to some practice and teaching we have received. Ray Ortlund recently posted this quote which nicely affirms this point as well. “We come as children to our Father’s table and to sit there with Jesus Christ, our […]

Ortlund on Pride vs. Christ

Ray Ortlund’s post “I am nothing” is another helpful shot at our man-centered thinking. It is brief, but I encourage you to read it. He cites a statement from an Assyrian king: “I am royal, I am lordly, I am mighty, I am honored, I am exalted, I am glorified, I am powerful, I am […]

Grace Points from Ortlund

Ray Ortlund is a regular reminder to me of the centrality of grace. Two of his recent posts speak directly to the theme of my last two posts (one, two). First, in words I have heard him use elsewhere Ortlund presses the implications of being under grace and not law. He writes: You are not […]

Ortlund, Old Time Religion

Check out Ray Ortlund’s post, “I Remember When.” It is not simple nostalgia but a warning about “chronological snobbery” (to use C S Lewis’s term). There is much to contemplate in the post. Here is just one excerpt: I remember when churches were not commodities but communities. I grew up in a spiritual neighborhood, where […]

Ortlund, The Word and Worship

We had a wonderful visit from Ray and Jani Ortlund as the Psalms Project continued yesterday. Dr. Ortlund preached in chapel from Psalm 1, noting that the Psalter, as the divinely inspired worship guide, begins with attention to Scripture. The Ortlunds also held an informal Q&A with students on a wide range of topics concerning […]

Ortlund & Bond on the Psalms

This week at Union the Psalms Project continues with chapels on Wednesday and Friday (10am). On Wednesday Dr. Ray Ortlund will preach from Psalm 1 on the place of the Word in worship. His wife, Jani, will be with him and she will be speaking to ladies at 3pm on the topic, “Fearlessly Feminine: Boldly […]

Thoughts from Ray Ortlund, Jr.

Ray Ortlund was one of my professors in seminary and is a man I esteem in many categories including teacher, pastor, husband and father. He recently posted some weekend thoughts that I have found challenging and helpful. These are the sort of deeply searching, application oriented sort of questions I need to confront myself with […]