Ortlund & Bond on the Psalms

This week at Union the Psalms Project continues with chapels on Wednesday and Friday (10am). On Wednesday Dr. Ray Ortlund will preach from Psalm 1 on the place of the Word in worship. His wife, Jani, will be with him and she will be speaking to ladies at 3pm on the topic, “Fearlessly Feminine: Boldly Embracing God’s Plan for Womanhood.” Dr. Ortlund was a favorite professor of mine when I was at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He currently serves as pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville and writes the blog “Christ is Deeper Still.”

On Friday we will have Douglas Bond author of numerous books, including the Crown & Covenant Trilogy, the Faith & Freedom Trilogy & Mr. Pipes Series. I have previously reviewed many of his books at my children’s literature blog. Mr. Bond will be speaking on the topic, “Biblical Poetry in a Post-Biblical, Post-Poetry World.” At 3pm Mr. Bond will continue the conversation by speaking further on how the Psalms should shape our hymns.

Both of these are wonderful opportunities. I am excited about the opportunity of hosting the Ortlunds and Douglas Bond here at Union.

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