Ortlund, The Word and Worship

We had a wonderful visit from Ray and Jani Ortlund as the Psalms Project continued yesterday. Dr. Ortlund preached in chapel from Psalm 1, noting that the Psalter, as the divinely inspired worship guide, begins with attention to Scripture. The Ortlunds also held an informal Q&A with students on a wide range of topics concerning doing ministry. They were very encouraging.

Mrs. Ortlund’s address to the ladies, “Fearlessly Feminine,” was recorded and should be available soon. An interview discussion with Dr. Ortlund, Tim Ellsworth and myself on pastoral ministry should be available soon as well.

It is impossible for me to capture all the impact of the day here. At the close of the day, and old quote came to mind about a man who had the chance to hear the great Scottish preachers of his day. Here is the quote:

“An Englishman who had come to Scotland about the time the Standards were adopted by the Scottish Church and who had never shown any sense of religion before, being asked on his return what news he had brought from Scotland, replied, “Great and good news. I went to St. Andrews where I heard a sweet majestic looking man (Robert Blair) and he showed me the majesty of God. After him I heard a little fair man (Samuel Rutherford) and he showed me the loveliness if Christ. I then went to Irvine where I heard a well favoured, proper old man with a long beard (D. Dickson) and he showed me all my heart. ”
(from The Original Secession Magazine)

I thought of how I have been impacted by not just the preaching but the presence of some key men of God today. When I met and talked with C. J. Mahaney I felt like I truly understood the power of real humility. When I hung out with Ray Ortlund yesterday I felt like I gained a real appreciation of genuine graciousness and generosity towards others. In both cases I was convicted by my lack of these virtues and was drawn to more deeply desire these virtues.

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