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T. S. Eliot on Wisdom and Our Lack

“…the values which we most ignore, the recognition of which we most seldom find in writings on education, are those of Wisdom and Holiness, the values of the sage and the saint….Our tendency has been to identify wisdom with knowledge, saintliness with natural goodness, to minimize not only the operation of grace but self-training, to […]

Ortlund on Wisdom

Ray Ortlund, always worth hearing, has a good word on “How to become a Sage.” Here is an excerpt: Principle: The further we advance in Christ, the more we marvel at his untapped riches. Corollary: The more we feel people need our opinions, the more obvious it is they don’t. Another corollary: The more we feel […]

Solomon and Pastoral Wisdom

This past Sunday Lee Tankersely preached a good message on 1 Kings 3-11, Solomon’s rise & fall. Chapter 3 caught me afresh with implications for pastoral ministry. As Solomon came to the throne the Lord essentially granted him a wish. We know he asked for wisdom and this pleased the Lord so that the Lord […]

Wisdom and Responsibility

I recently came across this good quote from Michael Michael Fox’s recently published second volume on Proverbs in the Anchor series. This series (and this volume) is critical but there are good gems to be found here. His essays at the end of the commentary are particularly interesting. Whether or not he intends it, Fox […]