Ten Commandments of Grace

We were blessed today in the service at St. Andrews Free Church under the preaching of Alasdair Macleod.  The singing, including two psalms, was robust and encouraging. We caught part two of a three part sermon series titled “Ten Commandments of Grace” in which Macleod is essentially seeking to summarize the message of Paul. Today we heard commands 4, 5, & 6 but the handout contained all ten and I thought they were worth listing here. [material in quotes are direct quotes from the sermon or on the outline which was handed out]

1. Thou shalt have no other gods but the God of grace
The Triune God of love
2. Thou shalt feel completely accepted in grace
Justification leads to assurance
3. Thou shalt continue to be amazed by grace
Drawing from Paul’s statements where he continues to be amazed at grace
“Gasp at grace!”
4. Thou shalt commit to a community of grace (Acts 20:24, 32)
“Paul’s letters assume the church.”- no place for solo Christians
Grace in leadership- Leaders in the church are to be gospel-people, caring people, Word-people
Grace in the fellowship- motivated by grace to care for one another
5. Thou shalt enjoy the freedom of grace
“Freedom from human regulation, legalism”
“Freedom for living creatively for Christ”
“Look to Jesus, not over your shoulder”
6. Thou shalt walk in obedience by grace
Grace motivates and empowers obedience
7. Thou shalt know thyself to be gifted by grace
Spiritual gifts, you have a place to serve and contribute
8. Thou shalt be generous in grace
“God has been lavish, so should we not be lavish too?”
In giving & forgiving
“Do something over the top, in His name”
9. Thou shalt speak words of grace
“Words are important and we want to speak like the King”
“Speak with the accent of Jesus”
10. Thou shalt trust thy future to grace
“Grace empowers us to look forward with confidence: for this life and the life to come”

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