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Being Useful to the Master

Here is the sermon I preached earlier this semester on 2 Timothy 2:14-26 at Midwestern Seminary’s chapel. Chapel October 4, 2017 with Dr. Ray Van Neste from Midwestern Seminary on Vimeo.

God only speaks for our profit

In his first sermon on 2 Timothy John Calvin discusses God’s aim in preaching and his gracious desires for his people. God only speaks for our profit. He wants his love, his mercy, is infinite goodness, to be laid out before us. He wants us to be assured of our salvation. He wants us to […]

Zwingli on Love & Useless Quarreling

This is a challenging word from Zwingli. He roots this in 2 Timothy 2:23. “[Those] who bring hatred upon the gospel are those who are more inflated with knowledge of the gospel than ignited with love. They exercise themselves more with quarreling than with gentle Christian living. They see in others what is lacking in […]

The Hymns of Philip Doddridge

  Just last night my copy of The Hymns of Philip Doddridge came in the mail, and I was straightway taken in. Doddridge (1702-1751) was mentored by Watts and was a prominent Dissenting minister in England. This volume is a reprint of the posthumously published volume of Doddridge’s hymns with a brief biographical sketch added. […]

The Gospel, The Cure of Cowardice

“…cowardice would seem to be a sort of fearful yielding of the soul” (Theophrastus, Characters [371-287 BC]) Cowardice “is a disease graver than any that affects the body since it destroys the faculties of the soul. Diseases of the body flourish but for a short time, but cowardice is an inbred evil, as closely inherent […]

Christian Union and 2 Timothy

Last August I was privileged to teach through 2 Timothy for the leadership of the Christian Union, a wonderful ministry to Ivy League schools. 2 Timothy was the focus of their Bible studies this academic year, and two young men from the Harvard group decided to memorize 2 Timothy.  The video below is of them […]