Zwingli on Love & Useless Quarreling

This is a challenging word from Zwingli. He roots this in 2 Timothy 2:23.

“[Those] who bring hatred upon the gospel are those who are more inflated with knowledge of the gospel than ignited with love. They exercise themselves more with quarreling than with gentle Christian living. They see in others what is lacking in their own Christian lives, but in themselves they see no fault. In their minds the way they act is the right way; where they tread, there is a violet or a rose. “If they are to see first their inward state, their eyes should be turned inward. But since they are turned outward, they do nothing but judge and condemn those who are before them and quarrel about external thing” (Zwingli’s Treatise on Rebels and Rebellion, Zurich, 1524).

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  1. Wow. What an outstanding, convicting word. Full confession: my first thought was, “Man, I know some folks who need to read this . . .” Clearly I need to spend more time with the quote and the gospel!

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