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Preaching and Academic Work

I enjoyed reading The Ideal Bishop: Aquinas’s Commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles by Michael G Sirilla, and am working on a proper review to be posted at In this post, i simply want to point out part of Sirilla’s discussion about the manner and goal of biblical exposition as understood by key masters of […]

Pastoral Epistles in Southeastern Theological Review

We had a great session at the Pastoral Epistles study group at ETS last week with four strong papers. I was pleased to announce in our session that the latest issue of the Southeastern Theological Review has been released and is devoted to the Pastoral Epistles. Most of the articles came from papers previously presented […]

Protection from the Pastorals

The recently published Fortress Commentary on the Bible: New Testament contains 22 pages of commentary, written by Deborah Krause, devoted to each of the Pastoral Epistles. With Fortress one expects a more critical direction from the commentary. The introduction to the whole volume makes this explicit with its endorsement of feminist, liberation and queer interpretation. […]

Edged Out of the Canon

Last week I posted at on the marginalization of the Pastoral Epistles, drawing from the book, 1 Timothy Reconsidered (edited by K. P. Donfried; Peeters, 2008). The essays by Luke Timothy Johnson and Karl Donfried were my particular focus. Johnson noted that the Pastorals have been “increasingly moved to the edge or even out […]

Overview of ETS Pastoral Epistles Group

Over at I have posted a brief overview of the Pastoral Epistles group meeting at the Evangelical Theological Society and an update on our work.

Pastoral Epistles at ETS

We will have the second meeting of our Pastoral Epistles study group at the Evangelical Theological Society this week. I have included below the information on date, time and place as well as the presenters and paper titles. I hope some of you will join us for what I think will be a significant conversation. […]

The Pastoral Epistles, “An Unwelcome Testimony”

Much of my work has been on the Pastoral Epistles, and I have written in a couple of places on the fact of their neglect in various settings. In the foreword to the recent book, Called to Lead: Paul’s Letters to Timothy for a New Day, by Anthony Robinson and Robert Wall, Walter Brueggemann comments […]

Westerholm- The Pastorals Negate the New Perspective

The latest from I have previously mentioned here the new section at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting devoted to the Pastoral Epistles. This section came into being due to the conviction (shared by myself and others) that the exclusion of the Pastorals from our thinking about Paul has skewed our understanding of Pauline theology. […]

Pastoral Epistles & Pauline Theology at ETS

Latest from I previously announced the creation of a new consultation of the Pastorals at the Evangelical Theological Society to begin meeting this Fall. As stated before, the overall goal of this consultation is to explore the ways that the exclusion of the Pastoral Epistles has impacted the work of Pauline theology and how […]

Christian Union and 2 Timothy

Last August I was privileged to teach through 2 Timothy for the leadership of the Christian Union, a wonderful ministry to Ivy League schools. 2 Timothy was the focus of their Bible studies this academic year, and two young men from the Harvard group decided to memorize 2 Timothy.  The video below is of them […]