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Best Reads of 2021

Each year I keep a list of the books I read all the way through, typically with brief notes, as a way of tracking my thoughts and a way to look back on each year and see some of what influenced me. So, in this post I have drawn from that list some of the […]

“Second Adam from Above, Reinstate Us in Thy Love”

One of the best things about classic Christmas hymns is how good they are at biblical theology, of grasping how the incarnation fits in the story of the whole Bible. Many of these songs are filled with allusions to Old Testament texts which people today often miss, and these songs often connect Christ’s coming with […]

Biblical Theology Must Have Pastoral Application

“Biblical theology must have a pastoral application, because God reveals his character and will to bring us into relationship with himself, not simply to stimulate our thinking” – David Peterson, Transformed by God: New Covenant Life and Ministry (IVP, 2012), 15.

“The Story for Little Ones” Misses the Mark

Here is the latest review from my blog on children’s books, The Children’s Hour: The Story for Little Ones: Discover the Bible in Pictures (Zonderkidz, 2011), hb. Ages 3-5 Recently I received a review copy of this book along with some other materials related to Zondervan’s The Story project, an effort to help people see […]

Westerholm- The Pastorals Negate the New Perspective

The latest from I have previously mentioned here the new section at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting devoted to the Pastoral Epistles. This section came into being due to the conviction (shared by myself and others) that the exclusion of the Pastorals from our thinking about Paul has skewed our understanding of Pauline theology. […]

The Privilege of Theological Study

Today in one of my classes we discussed B. B. Warfield’s classic booklet, The Religious Life of Theological Students.  There is much wisdom in this little booklet, so if you have not read it I encourage you to do so (online here). In one places he exhorts theological students to realize and appreciate the privilege […]

Gerald Bray at Union University

Gerald Bray is the Scholar-in-Residence at Union University this Fall. It is a great privilege for us to host Dr. Bray who is an amazing scholar and good friend. His intellect and wit are both legendary! He will give a series of public lectures on the theme, “God is Love.” All the lectures will be […]

Brad Green Online

My good friend and colleague has launched a website making available various papers and addresses he has given (print and audio). Brad is an excellent theologian in the classic mold- not merely academic but also with a heart for the church. He has given serious thought to a number of issues including education, the life […]

Practical Theology for Women

Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives, Wendy Horger Alsup (Crossway, 2008), pb., 154 pp.I have been thumbing through this book and it seems quite good. I particularly appreciate her arguments that theology is for everyone, that there are not two tracks for Christians: the theology track and […]

GGG Blog Tour

I am pleased today to be hosting the Gum, Geckos & God blog tour here and at Oversight of Souls. I previously listed all the stops Jim Spiegel, the author, would be making on his blog tour.This is an excellent book that I commend to all my readers, particularly those with children or grandchildren. It […]