Practical Theology for Women

Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives, Wendy Horger Alsup
(Crossway, 2008), pb., 154 pp.I have been thumbing through this book and it seems quite good. I particularly appreciate her arguments that theology is for everyone, that there are not two tracks for Christians: the theology track and the “practical-only” track. This point needs affirming repeatedly in our churches today.

Here is a good quote on the practical effect of theology:

“I have heard some women argue that they don’t want to know more theology than their husbands know. They seem to fear that studying theology will turn them into theological Amazon queens who naturally relegate their husbands to second-class positions in the home. But this is a terrible way to think about theology. God forbid that women should avoid studying the deep things of the Word lest they surpass the understanding of the men in their lives! Studying theology- such as the Holy Spirit’s role in convicting man of sin, and God’s sovereignty over all creation- will curb, not enhance, a woman’s sinful tendency to nag and manipulate her husband. My husband can bear witness to the fact that a better understanding of God’s character, that is, theology, makes me a better wife. No matter where our husbands, fathers, or pastors may be in their spiritual journey, when we ladies grow in our understanding of God’s character and attributes, it can only be a blessing for our homes, our marriages, and our churches.” (21-22)

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