Bendable Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I visited a bookstore with some friends and noticed this figure of Jesus.

It struck me that this is the Jesus our culture is interested in: a discounted, bendable Jesus. Jesus is welcome as long as he doesn’t cost much and as long as we can shape him as we see fit.

But “Bendable Jesus” isn’t the Lord Jesus of the Bible. Lord Jesus is the one who upholds all things by the word of his power (Heb 1:3), the one by whom, for whom and through whom all things were created and who holds all things together (Col 1:16-17). He is not cheap. He is the pearl of great price. He is not bendable. He is unchanging and, therefore, can be trusted and relied upon. He cannot be shaped by us but he has come to redeem us because of his great love for us. He does not bend but he stooped to save us and therefore every knee will one day bend and bow before him (Phil 2:6-11). He is worthy of all praise, devotion and obedience.


  1. Dear Dr. VN,

    I’m studying to preach from the 2nd Commandment this week. Bendable Jesus – wow!


    Love in Christ,


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