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Every Occupation Can Be Spiritual

  “Our Savior Christ … was a carpenter, and got his living with great labour. Therefore let no man disdain … to follow him in a common calling and occupation. For as he blessed our nature with taking upon him the shape of a man, so in his doing he blessed all occupations and arts.” […]

Pastoral Ministry: Hard Work for the Salvation of Souls and the Restoration of the World

Calvin commenting on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 states well the importance of hard work in pastoral ministry and what our work actually is. In the first place, he says that they labor. From this it follows, that all idle bellies are excluded from the number of pastors. Farther, he expresses the kind of labor when he […]

John Newton on Work

In the latest newsletter from the John Newton Project, I appreciated this quote from Newton: “Through mercy, we and our family are in tolerable health, and peace. I never was better. I preached four times this week, since Sunday, and seem as stout and strong for tomorrow, as if I had not preached at all. […]

Plodding Along

Doug Wilson has a beneficial post on his approach to getting things done. I found it a good reminder- challenging, refreshing and encouraging. It reminded me of a story I have been told about William Carey (though I have not checked it out). Carey accomplished an amazing amount of work in his missionary labors from […]

Work, Worldview and Maturity

I am quite behind in items I intend to write about here, but the rush of finals and a cracked screen on my laptop are conspiring against me. 🙂 I am almost half way through listening to the audio version of How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life , by Peter Robinson, and it is surprisingly […]