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Bonhoeffer’s Life Together

Last month I finished reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s little book, Life Together. It is truly a spiritual classic. There is so much depth and wisdom here about living the Christian life, particularly living in communion with fellow believers and living in light of the truth having been freely justified in Christ (the imprint of Luther is […]

Challenge of Lack of Discipline in SBC

Last month I came across a very interesting discussion of the loss of discipline in Southern Baptist churches. This topic has been much discussed recently, but what made this essay particularly interesting is that it was written 50 years ago as part of a discussion held at Southern seminary when it was much less conservative. […]

"Education with Force"

In one of our Wednesday night classes we are reading and discussing Thabiti Anyabwile’s What is a Healthy Church Member? (which I have commented on here previously). Last night we came to this quote which Anyabwile cited from Jay Adams: “When we are baptized into the church, we thereby matriculate into Christ’s school. Then, for […]

Plodding Along

Doug Wilson has a beneficial post on his approach to getting things done. I found it a good reminder- challenging, refreshing and encouraging. It reminded me of a story I have been told about William Carey (though I have not checked it out). Carey accomplished an amazing amount of work in his missionary labors from […]

“There Goes the Bride” The Decline of Church Discipline, 19th Century

The most recent Kairos Journal updated included an article by this title. You can view it here. This is a well done succinct piece on the decline of discipline in the church. KJ is a great resource for pastors. For registration (free) go here.